Into Darkness

The Brazen Sky


Last time on Dark Heresy…
Our heroes’ adventure begins deep in the bowels of the Brazen Sky, an ancient merchant vessel. After being plucked from their meaningless lives for a higher purpose by a mysterious Inquisitor the acolytes spend three days in warp travel. Frak the techpriest, Vie the psyker, Severus the guardsman, and Wrax the adept are awoken in their filthy quarters by Sebek the valet. After Frak attempts to acquire narcotics, the acolytes pack their meager belongings and report to the debarkation hanger. Iocanthos, a dusty, miserable planet, can be seen through viewports. Charged with the investigation of a series of strange phenomena, the acolytes make planetfall in the imperial outpost Port Suffering after a rough atmospheric descent. The acolytes waste no time in heading towards their contact, Aristarchus the Seer. Of course, nothing is ever so simple. After being stalked several robed figures the group is accosted by a madman as well as several ruffians spoiling for a fight. The group takes some hard knocks, Severus managing to get punched square in the face with Wrax and Vie rather helpless to intervene, but they manage to escape. Frak has, of course, met up with Hans Darkness…err, Aristarchus far ahead of the others and so chats up their somewhat bemused contact. The rest of the group staggers in to the refectory and are greeted warmly by the Seer who explain to them the true nature of their quest. After providing them with some desert garb he points the acolytes toward the local market (aka “The Pits”). The acolytes set out confident that they can scrounge up some supplies for the journey ahead, but idle hands may prove to be the playthings of chaos. What will the acolytes find at the market? Who were the mysterious men in the crowd? Find out what happens next time on Dark Heresy!


Commander_N Commander_N

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